About Us

Our History

Specializing in Embroidery Since 2000

Apparel to Gifts Embroidery has specialized in embroidery since the year 2000.  Julie Rathi, is the CEO and Owner of Apparel to Gifts Embroidery.

A Love for Textiles

Julie discovered her love for textiles as a young 10 year old girl while making her first dress with the help of her mother. In her early teens, she developed an interest in computers. While in college, Julie combined her love of sewing and technology and obtained a degree in Textiles with a concentration in Computer Programming. As time progressed, she honed her sewing skills and added pattern-making to her skill set and opened a sewing and alterations shoppe.

Sewing and Growing

As the sewing business grew, Julie added sewing machine sales and embroidery machine sales to her business model. As a sewing machine dealer, she was able to take part in many embroidery and digitizing training classes from the sewing machine manufacturer. Expert training, along with the successful business launch, which generated the sufficient revenues, allowed Julie to grasp her ultimate vision.

A Dream Come True

Julie realized that she could make her dream come true! She launched the embroidery business which enabled her to pursue her love of textiles while capitalizing on her creative talents to meet the need for high quality and personalized boutique embroidery services. Julie had found her passion! ...embroidery and creative design solutions.

Specialty Embroidery Services
Her first official embroidery project entailed embroidering names on the vests for the Y Princesses / Y Guides program. To this day, Julie is the premium provider of embroidery services to the Y Princesses / Y Guides program.

Corporate Logos

As her fame spread, corporate clients began asking for their company logos to be embroidered on corporate apparel. Julie uses the digitizing techniques she learned directly from the software providers and has been digitizing corporate logos for over 15 years.